Your Samsung fridge’s water gulf valve controls the majority of the water that goes through the icebox. It doesn’t simply redirect the water to the water container and ice machine sides. It likewise controls if and how much water is discharged dependent on signs from different pieces of your fridge. On the off chance that your icebox has a water spill, check the water channel valve first. Regular issues include:

ceaseless trickling from the water allocator on the grounds that the water bay valve doesn’t totally close off.

a flooding water association with the ice machine.

no reaction from the ice machine or water distributor.

water spills at the back of the fridge where the water gulf valve has split.

Luckily, supplanting the water channel valve can be straightforward. Simply request new part #DA62-02360B for your Samsung cooler. At that point pursue these means to expel the old part and introduce the new water channel valve yourself. Samsung appliance repair Atlanta GA.

At whatever point you’re supplanting parts in a noteworthy apparatus, unplug the machine before you begin. This keeps you and the encompassing region more secure from electrical stuns. It’s particularly significant during this strategy since you will unplug a wire outfit within the cooler. Additionally, turn off the neighborhood water to the cooler. This will counteract holes and streaming water when you expel hoses from the water channel valve.

To start with, pull the fridge away from the divider on the off chance that you haven’t effectively done as such. The majority of the work during this fix will be at the back of the machine. Next, expel the back access board. Slacken the screws along the edge of the board and set them to the side where you won’t lose them, Pull the board up off the base score to lift the board free, and after that put it in a safe spot.

How to Replace and Repair Samsung Appliances

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